Frequently asked questions

SafeCurrent is dependent on mobile network coverage to send updates. Surrounding conditions may affect its ability to connect to the mobile network. Moving the device or attaching an external antenna can improve mobile coverage.
SafeCurrent is designed to be a battery and temperature monitor with minimal power consumption. Location reporting is an added feature which is based on relative position to cell towers, it is not a GPS service. This means that location accuracy will be better in areas with more cell towers, and worse in areas with less cell towers. You can still set up your account so you are notified when your vehicle starts.
To consume as little power as possible, the SafeCurrent devices are set up to send data every fourth hour.
The red light is only on for short periods of time while the unit is sending data.
Yes, SafeCurrent works in Europe.
Yes, you may have several units registered on your account. Each unit requires a license.