This is SafeCurrent battery monitor

Once installed, it will be hard to imagine a life without SafeCurrent! SafeCurrent battery monitor can monitor all 12V and 24V lead, liquid, gel, AGM batteries, in all types of vehicles. You may sit at home, or anywhere really, and check battery state on your phone, tablet or pc. SafeCurrent battery monitor can be easily fitted in your boat, car, caravan, motorcycle, scooter, ATV, snowmobile, tractor, snow blower or other power equipment.

SafeCurrent battery monitor is a small computer with a SIM card that sends updated measurements of battery voltage, temperature and approximate location of the vehicle. It requires cell tower coverage. You may monitor the data on your SafeCurrent My Page.

Know that you have the power

Checking battery voltage should be a routine, as common as checking fuel levels. With SafeCurrent you will know if your vehicle is charged and ready when you are ready for your trip. SafeCurrent read and report data on battery voltage and temperature.

Extend your battery lifetime

By following general advice such as retaining minimum 50% charge, you can substantially extend the lifetime of your battery. Full discharge should be avoided and may render your battery unusable. SafeCurrent provides the required measurement data. In general, follow the battery manufacturer's instructions!

Temperature monitoring

The operating temperature affect the battery performance and lifetime. By monitoring the temperature you can better utilise the battery capacity. You may also add notifications so that you can take appropriate action to safeguard your battery.

Where is my vehicle?

Cell tower triangulation provides approximate location of your vehicle. Has someone taken an unauthorised trip with your vehicle? Where is the kid who took a joyride? Have you ever lent a vehicle to a neighbour and lost track of it? You can check the last known position online.